Committee details

Eastbourne Borough Council Audit and Governance Committee

Purpose of committee

The audit functions of the committee relate to the Council’s arrangements for the discharge of its powers and duties in connection with financial governance and stewardship, risk management and audit. 

The standards functions of the committee seek to ensure that the members, co-opted Members and officers of the Council observe high ethical standards in performing their duties. These functions include advising the Council on its codes of conduct and administering related complaints and dispensation procedures.

The governance functions of the committee relate to the monitoring and operation of the Council’s constitution and its review, the members’ allowances scheme and other member issues including support to members and meeting their training and development needs, civic protocol and certain electoral functions.  The committee will also act as a general purposes committee in relation to functions not otherwise allocated.

·        Attending and speaking at public meetings


Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services on 01323 410000.

Postal address:
Eastbourne Town Hall
Grove Road
BN21 4UG


Web site: