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Floodlights at local skatepark

We the undersigned petition the council to Add floodlights to our local seafront skate park (also known as the Gooden skatepark) because it is getting dark at about 5:30pm and we are struggling to ride because of the lack of lighting. The lights along the seafront are not helpful because they don’t light up the skatepark enough, they only light up along the edges near the seafront path where none of the big ramps are near and we don’t want to hurt/ injure ourself whilst riding.

It has come to my attention that its not just me that has found it hard to go and ride after school and stuff when it is not busy therefore mates of mine don’t want to ride during the week because when we get home from school it is already getting dark and most parents don’t want their kids at a skatepark because the lack of lighting and they don’t want them to get hurt.

Started by: Tyler Hall

This ePetition ran from 25/02/2023 to 08/05/2023 and has now finished.

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