Agenda and minutes

Eastbourne Borough Council Planning Committee - Tuesday, 8th July, 2014 6.00 pm

Venue: Town Hall, Eastbourne

Contact: Katie Armstrong on 01323 415023  Email:

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Minutes of the meeting held on 10 June 2014. pdf icon PDF 93 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on the 10 June 2014 were approved and the Chairman was authorised to sign the as them as a correct record.



Apologies for absence.


An apology for absence was reported from Councillor Harris.


Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs) by members as required under Section 31 of the Localism Act and of other interests as required by the Code of Conduct.


Councillor Murray declared a personal interest in item 9, Hampden Park Skate Park as he had previously been involved with the skating community to develop the skate park, but did not consider himself to be predetermined on the matter.  Councillor Murray stated that he had no involvement in the design or specification of the application before the committee; however, Councillor Murray did not vote thereon.


Councillor Taylor declared a prejudicial interest in item 10, St Thomas A Becket School, Kings Drive as a Member of East Sussex County Council Planning committee and did not take part in the discussion or vote thereon.


Councillor Hearn declared a prejudicial interest in item 7, Coventry Court, Seaside Road as a Director of Eastbourne Homes and did not take part in the discussion or vote thereon.


Councillor Hearn declared that she considered herself predetermined as regards item 9, Hampden Park Skate Park; this related to her having been previously  involved with consultation for the development of the site and promotion thereof and did not take part in the discussion or vote thereon.





6 St Annes Road. Application ID: 140677 (OSR). pdf icon PDF 50 KB


Outline application for access, appearance, layout and scale (Landscaping Reserved) for the proposed demolition of existing building and redevelopment to provide 8 No. self-contained flats.  UPPERTON. Three letters of objection had been received.  A further letter of objection was reported at the meeting.


The relevant planning history for the site was detailed within the report.


The observations of the Specialist Advisor (Planning Policy) and East Sussex County Council Highways were summarised within the report.


RESOLVED: (Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to the following conditions: 1)Approval of reserved matters (landscaping) 2) Submission of reserved matters 3) Time limit for submission of reserved matters 4) Time limit for commencement 5) List of approved plans 6) Hours of operation during construction 7) Submission of samples 8) Provision of privacy screens 9) Submission of details of doors/windows/joinery/flues 10) Floor levels 11) Submission of details of boundary walls 12) Obscure glazing with restrictors in ground floor side windows 13) Before occupation provision of vehicular access, parking, cycling and refuse stores 14) The building shall not be occupied until the existing access shown on the submitted plans has been stopped up and the kerb and footway reinstated 15) During any form of earthworks and/or excavations that are carried out as part of the development, suitable vehicle wheel washing equipment should be provided within the site 16) The development shall not be occupied until parking areas have been provided in accordance with the approved plans and the areas shall thereafter be retained for that use and shall not be used other than for the parking of motor vehicles 17) Subject to completion of a Unilaterial Undertaking to secure the payment of comuted sum for off-site affordable housing.




1)   Although this proposal indicates a new access, it is from Churchfield Square which is not an adopted highway and therefore highway conditions have not been issued in this instance

2)   The applicant's attention is drawn to the need for a Sec 184 licence for closing up the existing access. The applicant should contact ESCC on 01273 482254 prior to commencement of development to complete the agreement and pay the necessary fee.



Coventry Court. Application ID: (140770 (PPP). pdf icon PDF 86 KB


Development of 23 residential units and 31 parking spaces, comprised of 13 terraced houses (8no x 3 bed and 5no x 2 bed), and 10 flats in two blocks (8no x 2 bed and 2no x 1 bed) – DEVONSHIRE.  One letter of objection had been received.  One further representation was reported at the meeting and additional conditions were recommended covering additional highway/affordable housing issues.


The committee were advised that apart from the original development of Coventry Court there is no material planning history.  The demolition of the existing Coventry Court building was agreed on 30 October 2013.


The observations of the Planning Policy Manager, Strategic Housing Manager – Housing Strategy, Highways ESCC and Eastbourne Homes were summarised within the report.


The Environment Agency, County Archaeologist, ESCC Development Control Manager, Southern Water and Specialist Advisor (Arboriculture) did not submit a response to the consultation.


NB: Councillor Hearn did not take part in this item.


RESOLVED A: (Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to the following conditions: 1) Time limit 2) In accordance with plans 3) Samples of materials (++) 4) Site Construction and Compound Management Plan (++) 5) Traffic Management Scheme (++) 6) Scheme for surface water drainage (++) 7) Finished floor level details 8) Boundary treatment (//) 9) Parking areas provision (//) 10) Cycle parking provision (//) 11) Details of both hard and soft landscape works 12) Vehicle wheel washing equipment  13) Hours of operation 14) All permitted development rights removed (extensions, windows & doors, gates, fences walls, structures, development in rear garden) 15) 600mm clear obstuction,16) Access to be laid out prior to occupation, 17) Limit to staircasing of shared ownership units

(++ Prior to commencement)

(// Prior to occupation)




1)   Pre-commencement conditions to be discharged

2)   Pre-occupation conditions to be discharged

3)   This Authority’s requirements associated with this development proposal will need to be secured through a Section 278 Legal Agreement between the applicant and East Sussex County Council.



Former NHS Dental Practice Board. Application ID: 140796. pdf icon PDF 58 KB


140798 - Erection of three-court sports hall.  B) 140796 - Erection of three storey extension and external alterations to existing buildings.  UPPERTON.   One letter of objection had been received.  One further objection was reported at the meeting.

The East Sussex County Archaeologist stated that the site has been subject to archaeological evaluation excavation which has shown the area of the proposed extension has been heavily disturbed during the 1970’s construction work. Therefore he did not believe that any archaeological remains were likely to be affected by these proposals.


The committee were advised that Gildredge House School had submitted a revised application as an alternative to the one they had previously obtained planning permission for.  The revised sports hall was substantially complete and the Council served a temporary stop notice to prevent further work to the building until such time as planning permission had been obtained.


Amendments to the scheme had now been received showing the building to be partially clad in a proprietary timber cladding system.


The cladding is to be formed by Western Red Cedar which is to be treated for weather protection but not stained.  The committee agreed that the wood should be treated to retain its red colouring as they felt that this would be the most appropriate colour to blend with the surrounding landscape.


In the opinion of officers the revisions to the scheme overcame the concerns raised in the main report over the long and short range views of the site.


As the cladding system revision has recently been received it has not been the subject of formal public consultation; the views/recommendation of planning committee were considered valuable prior to commencing a further round of public consultation.


Councillor West, Ward Councillor, addressed the committee in support of the application.


RESOLVED A: (By 6 votes with 1 abstention) That Planning Committee authorise a further round of public consultation and subject to the public consultation raising no new material planning objections then the decision to Grant Planning Permission subject to conditions be delegated to the Senior Specialist Advisor in consultation with the Chairman to issue.


The conditions attached to the approval shall include:-


1)   Details of the exterior cladding system and also colour of the main sports hall building

2)   The sports hall shall not be brought into beneficial use until such time as the cladding system has been erected and the colour of the building has been complete in accordance with the details as approved.

RESOLVED B: (Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to the following conditions: 1) Commencement of development within three years 2) Drawing Nos. of approved plans 3) Samples of all materials



Hampden Park Skate Park. Application ID: 140686. pdf icon PDF 44 KB


Installation of a concrete plaza-style skate park including a concrete bowl – HAMPDEN PARK.  One letter of objection had been received.


The observations of the Specialist Advisor (Arboriculture), Specialist Advisor (Planning Policy), County Archaeologist, East Sussex County Council Ecologist, Hampden Park Bowling Association and The Friends of Hampden Park were summarised within the report.


The Specialist Advisor (Environmental Health) and Highways ESCC made no comment.


The applicant supplemented the application with details relating to the construction method statement and also a construction of a temporary interlocking track-way system to facilitate the construction of the development. In addition the applicant had confirmed that the spoil risings from the construction of this facility would remain on site and be used to create an informal banking to the northern part of the site.


Sandy Boyce-Sharpe, Friends of Hampden Park, addressed the committee querying the possibility of joining the BMX track and Skate Park in the same location.


Tom Gaudoin, addressed the committee in support of the application stating that the park was intended as a legacy arising from the Eastbourne Extreme event providing skating facilities for a number of users and abilities. 


NB: Councillor Hearn did not take part in this item.


RESOLVED: (Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to the following conditions:  1) Time for commencement 2) In accordance with approved plans 3) Development shall be carried out in accordance with findings within the Biodiversity Survey and Report 4) Unsuspected contamination 5) Surface water drainage as stated in Planning Statement 6) Hours of operation during construction 7) Tree protection fencing 8) Tree protection Earthworks 9) Method and access statement in relation to site offices, access routes and storage in relation to trees.



St Thomas A Beckett School, 3 Tutts Barn Lane. Application ID: 140737. pdf icon PDF 40 KB


Provision of a double mobile classroom unit to the south-west of   the main building for a temporary period until August 2020 – UPPERTON.  One objection and one observation had been receieved.

The relevant planning history for the site was detailed within the report.


The observations of the Specialist Advisor (Planning Policy), the Specialist Advisor (Arboriculture) and the Highways ESCC were summarised within the report.


County Councillor Rodohan addressed the committee expressing his concerns regarding the additional traffic arising from increased pupil numbers and the lack of travel plan from St Thomas A Beckett School.


The committee expressed concerns regarding the size of the proposed mobile classroom, the impact of the increase in traffic, the proximity to the main road, and requested that the school be asked to consider a School Bus system to alleviate the traffic issues along Kings Drive during ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ periods.


NB: Councillor Taylor did not take part in this item


RESOLVED: (Unanimous) Were the Planning committee to be making the final decision on this matter they would be minded to refuse consent based on the siting, impact on traffic and lack of transport plan.



South Downs National Park Authority Planning Applications.

Verbal report.


None reported.