Agenda and minutes

Eastbourne Borough Council Planning Committee - Tuesday, 15th April, 2014 6.00 pm

Venue: Town Hall, Eastbourne

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Minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014. pdf icon PDF 82 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 25 March 2014 were submitted and approved and the Chairman was authorised to sign them as a correct record.


Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPIs) by members as required under Section 31 of the Localism Act and of other interests as required by the Code of Conduct.


(1) Item 105 - Churchdale Road Allotments:  (i) Councillor Ungar declared a personal interest as a member of the Eastbourne Allotments and Garden Society.  On the basis that it could be deemed prejudicial he withdraw from the room whilst this item was being considered.

(ii) Councillor Harris declared a personal interest owing to a stated interest in applying for an allotment site in the future.  This was not deemed to be prejudicial and he remained in the room and voted thereon.

(2) Item 106 - Gildredge Park Bowls Club - Councillor Liddiard declared a personal interest as a member of the Friends of Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park.  This was not deemed to be prejudicial and he remained in the room and voted thereon.

(3) Item 107 – Sovereign Harbour - Councillor Jenkins stated that he had been in attendance at meetings relating to the development of the masterplan for Sovereign Harbour but had not participated in any of the discussions and therefore had no declarable interest. 


60 Watts Lane. Application ID: 140148. pdf icon PDF 32 KB


140108 (HHH) - 60 Watts Lane - Two storey extension to form self-contained unit adjoining the existing detached private house, with internal linking access doors - UPPERTON.  One letter of support had been received from a local resident.  The County Archaeologist had requested a condition that the area affected by the development be the subject of a programme of archaeological works.  The Committee raised concerns regarding the size of the extension and its impact on visual amenity.  Concerns were also raised regarding the proposed flat roof and timber cladding. 

RESOLVED:(By 7 votes with 1 abstention) That permission be refused on the grounds that the proposed extension by virtue of the size and proposed materials, fails to appear subordinate to the host building, and would be visually dominating and harmful to its appearance and is therefore contrary to saved policies UHT1 and UHT4 of the Eastbourne Borough Plan 2007, and policies B2 and D10A of the Core Strategy Local Plan 2013 and guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework 2012.

Appeal: Should the applicant appeal the decision the appropriate course of action to be followed, taking into account the criteria set by the planning inspectorate, is considered to be written representations.


Churchdale Road Allotments. Application ID: 14013. pdf icon PDF 67 KB


140130 (PPP) - Churchdale Road Allotments - The existing allotments will be extended with the addition of new plots and sensitive parking areas – ST ANTHONYS.  Five letters of objection were reported from local residents.  An additional letter of objection regarding concerns in respect of noise and anti-social behaviour was reported at the meeting.

The Specialist Advisors for Planning Policy and Environmental Health raised no objections to the proposal.  The Specialist Advisor for Parks and Gardens advised that in relation to the management of the site by Eastbourne Allotments and Gardens Association (EAGS), no complaints had been received by the Council or EAGS since 2011.  The County Archaeologist raised no objections subject to a number of conditions relating to ongoing archaeology works.   The Environment Agency had confirmed that no objections were raised in terms of increased flood risk.  The County Ecologist had carried out a detailed habitat survey and a condition was proposed to ensure the sensitive treatment of ecology prior to commencement of the development. 

Mr Williams addressed the Committee against the proposal and raised concerns regarding flooding, pollution, loss of privacy and the impact on wildlife.  He stated that every year both fields flood and the water comes to the boundary of his property.  Bonfires are a regular occurrence and are preventing the use of his garden.  Although the rules prohibit running businesses from the site, tree surgeons were bringing materials to the site to dispose of.  Noise was created by building sheds and over large sheds were already on site.  Concerns were also raised regarding the lack of security on site, the loss of privacy with users being much closer to the existing properties and the impact on wildlife in the area.

The Lawyer to the Council informed the meeting that  complaints regarding smoke from bonfires could be made to the Council’s Environment team for investigation as possible statutory nuisances under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  The Committee was advised that with regard to privacy and security issues, it is proposed to use buffer zones, a ditch and native planting to reduce the impact on residents.  In recent years the allotment site has been made more secure with the replacement gates and fences.  The site rules instruct the entrance gates to remain locked at all times. 

The Committee supported the use of large green waste containers successfully trialled within the Gorringe Road complex to reduce the need for fires. 

The Senior Specialist Advisor reported that with regard to the stewardship of the site, he will report on the concerns raised at the meeting with the EAGS.  It was noted that the allotment rules clearly set out what is expected in terms of behaviour and the restrictions on structures on the site.  It was also agreed that appropriate measures will be in place to survey and if possible and practical to do so secure the existing pond within the flooding mitigation measures at the site.. 

(NB: Councillor Ungar withdrew from the room whilst this item  ...  view the full minutes text for item 105.


Gildredge Park Bowls Club. Application ID: 140044. pdf icon PDF 59 KB


140044 (PPP) - Gildredge Park, The Goffs - Extension to existing bowls club pavilion, with new full width veranda and internal alterations. Other works include the erection of a shed to house water tanks to be repositioned – UPPERTON.

The Specialist Advisor for Arboriculture recommended a number of conditions to safeguard the existing trees and mature hedgerow.  The Council’s Estates Department and the County Archaeologist raised no objections ot the proposal.

RESOLVED:(Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to conditions: 1) Time for commencement 2) Approved drawings 3) Materials (to match) as drawings and application form 4) Condition T4 Tree protection:(fencing) 5) T10 Landscaping (A) (vii) (prevent damage through installation of services) 6) Hours of demolition / construction.



Sovereign Harbour. Application ID: 131002. pdf icon PDF 239 KB


131002 - Sovereign Harbour - Outline planning permission for the development of Sites 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne: Site 1 - up to 72 dwellings and access Site 4 - Commercial and employment uses (A1-A5 ) (B1, C1 and D1 ) Site 5 - Community use (800sqm) Site 6 - Employment and office uses (B1 up to 15,000sqm) Site 7 - Mix of employment uses (B1 ) (C1 & C2 ) (D1 ), up to 70 dwellings and open space (0.80 ha) Site 8 - Up to 8 dwellings, open space and berth holder facilities – SOVEREIGN. 

The Committee adjourned briefly to consider a circulated addendum to the submitted report in respect of a number of revised and additional conditions, a revised description of development, details of advertising the application as a departure, a revised recommendation and a summary of late representations received and the details of the tree preservation order implications for Site 6.

The Environment Agency raised no objections and proposed a number of conditions.  The mitigation measures outlined in the Flood Study Report were considered appropriate to address the flood risk and drainage issues of the sites.  East Sussex County Council raised no objections and the required contributions towards education, libraries and waste will be secured through the section 106 agreement. The County Ecologist stated that provided the mitigation and compensation is carried out in accordance with the surveys undertaken, the proposed outline permission is acceptable from an ecological perspective. 

The Highways Agency had confirmed that the proposed development is unlikely to have a material impact on the strategic road network.  East Sussex County Council Highways stated that on the basis of the evidence presented in the Transport Assessment, the traffic generated by the six sites will enable the affected junctions to continue to operate within their capacity.  It was considered that on capacity grounds a secondary access point to the Harbour is not required but that a secondary emergency access should be provided from the A259, potentially through Site 7 or via Harbour Quay.  The Committee was advised that the applicant will be required to provide a financial contribution to provide a bus shelter at the stop on the southern side of Pevensey Bay Road.  A Travel Plan and associated audit fee will also need to be secured by Agreement. 

The concerns raised by the Health and Safety Executive regarding the close proximity of a major gas pipeline to Sites 6 and 7 will be addressed in detail during the reserved matters stage. 

Natural England, Sussex Police and Southern Gas Networks and the Council’s Specialist Advisors for Economic Development, Aboriculture, Design and Conservation and Planning Policy raised no objections to the proposal.  The Theatres Trust supported the provision of community facilities as part of the development.

The Sovereign Harbour Residents Association supported the application in principle in terms of the funding that will be achieved for much needed community facilities, however concerns were raised regarding access to Site 7 via  ...  view the full minutes text for item 107.


St Andrews School Climbing Wall. Application ID: 140154. pdf icon PDF 30 KB


140154 (PPP) - St Andrews School, 72 Meads Street - Installation of a traverse climbing wall on existing sports field, adjacent to Darley Road – MEADS.  Four letters of objections were reported from local residents.  The Specialist Advisor for Design and Conservation raised no objections to the proposal.

RESOLVED:(Unanimous) That permission be granted subject to conditions: 1) Time for commencement; 2) In accordance with approved plans.


Tree Preservation Order - Land at St. Saviour's and St. Peter's Vicarage, Spencer Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex No. 164 (2013). pdf icon PDF 33 KB

Report of Senior Head of Development and Environment and Lawyer to the Council.


Additional documents:


The Committee considered the report of the Senior Head of Development and Lawyer to the Council which sought confirmation of a tree preservation order covering 5 trees on the above land.  A letter from the Management Company of a block of flats known as Barchester Place, 1 Hardwick Road was appended to the report and raised a number of concerns regarding the impact of the Order on the property and its residents.  The Council’s response to the issues raised was detailed in the report and it was recommended that the Order should be confirmed on the grounds that the trees make a significant contribution to the visual amenity of the area.

RESOLVED: That the Eastbourne Borough Council Tree Preservation Order (Land at St. Saviour's and St. Peter's Vicarage, Spencer Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex) No. 164 (2013) be confirmed without modification.


South Downs National Park Authority Planning Applications.

Verbal report.


None were reported.