Eastbourne Borough Council Full Council - Wednesday, 18th November, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Remote Meeting

Contact: Committee Services on 01323 410000 

Note: This meeting is being held remotely using Microsoft Teams. Use the link below to view the meeting. Alternatively you can telephone in to listen to the meeting by calling: +44 20 3855 5316 and enter the ID: 848 569 071# (You will be muted on arrival and must remain so for the duration of the meeting)  


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Introductions and notification of apologies for absence.


Declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests (DPIs) by members as required under Section 31 of the Localism Act and of other interests as required by the Code of Conduct (please see note at end of agenda).


Minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 213 KB

To receive and sign the minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2020 as a correct record.


Public right of address.

The Mayor to report any requests received from a member of the public under council procedure rule 11 in respect of any referred item or motion listed below.


Mayor's announcements. pdf icon PDF 248 KB

A list of the Mayor’s announcements in respect of his activities since the last meeting is attached for information.


Order of business.

The Council may vary the order of business if, in the opinion of the Mayor, a matter should be given precedence by reason of special urgency.


Designation of Monitoring Officer pdf icon PDF 232 KB

Report of the Chief Executive


Proposal for a Joint Staff Advisory Committee and Joint Appointments and Appeals Committee pdf icon PDF 269 KB

Report of the Assistant Director - HR and Transformation and the Head of Democratic Services.

Additional documents:


Conservation Area Advisory Group (CAAG) - Proposed changes to Terms of Reference and Status pdf icon PDF 258 KB

Report of the Head of Democratic Services

Additional documents:


Members Allowance Scheme - Independent Remuneration Panel Report pdf icon PDF 258 KB

Report of the Head of Democratic Services and the Independent Remuneration Panel.

Additional documents:


Matters referred from Cabinet or other council bodies.

The following matters are submitted to the Council for decision (council procedure rule 12 refers):-


Completion of Winter Garden Redevelopment pdf icon PDF 273 KB

Report of Councillor Bannister on behalf of the Cabinet.  Referred from the meeting of Cabinet on 16 March 2020.


Treasury Management Annual Report 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 271 KB

Report of Councillor Stephen Holt on behalf of the Cabinet.  Referred from the meeting of Cabinet held on 16 September 2020.



The following motions have been submitted by members under council procedure rule 13:-


Motion 1 - NHS Walk in Centre

Motion submitted Councillor Holt


“Eastbourne Borough Council calls upon the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to withdraw its proposal to close the walk-in and GP service at Eastbourne Station Health Centre. 


We believe that the current consultation process is flawed and has understated the importance of the existing GP and Walk-In service in the town centre. Many of the patients using the Walk-In Centre are not registered patients and would be unable to take part in any consultation. 


The Walk-In Centre in delivering a vital service for many homeless people including those who are part of the Rough Sleeping Initiative, and for those who have no fixed home address and may not be registered with GP practices. Many of these people have multiple complex needs and have established a link with the station health service. Without this, many people would simply stop accessing health services or would put pressure on the Primary Care service at the DGH, as their health problems escalate. 


The Walk-In service provides a unique access to healthcare not replicated elsewhere in the town and is an important safety net for patients who cannot gain an appointment at other GP surgeries. Our key industry is Tourism and the Walk-in centre provides a vital and accessible facility for anyone taken ill whilst visiting our town. It is also an important service to people with learning disabilities, mental health issues or who may be living in temporary accommodation in our town, all of whom may need help from a GP but may be unable to book an appointment in advance.  


If the Station Health Centre is closed it would affect the most vulnerable communities in Eastbourne disproportionately. Further, the Council is concerned about the resulting reduction in GP provision in the Town Centre and additional pressure on other, already overstretched surgeries. 


The Council calls upon the CCGs to halt this process, and wait until the coronavirus crisis has eased, in order to carry out an evaluation of the future needs of patients based upon evidence in the post Covid-19 situation.


Motion 2 - Government Planning White Paper 'Planning for the Future'

Motion submitted by Councillor Shuttleworth:


“Eastbourne Borough Council calls upon the Government to respond to the concerns expressed by the Local Government Association and Councils up and down the country about proposals in the Government Planning White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’.

Eastbourne Borough Council makes the following points:

·         That the Planning Paper needs to recognise that housing targets are best set by local Councils based upon the needs and restraints of their area. The Government imposed targets approach has failed local communities; and

·         That developers must continue to pay a section 106 levy towards local infrastructure costs. The proposed national Infrastructure Levy will inevitably lead to a reduction in local funding of transport, road improvements, drainage and other infrastructure costs and will lead to less local control.

            Further that:

·         The number of sites with existing planning permissions for houses that are extant, have not yet been built, or even started to be built, along with the high proportion of planning applications that are agreed are a clear sign that the planning process is not as big a barrier to development as the government claims;

·         The planning process has over recent years become increasingly divorced from the needs and desires of local communities. The proposals contained within the White Paper will exacerbate this unwelcome direction of travel;

·         The proposals contained within the White Paper will diminish the role of planning authorities, planning committee members and ward councillors;

·         While the current planning system is not perfect this is at least in part due to continued cuts by central government funding to local planning authorities which have, in turn, led to local authorities having to reduce expenditure on planning services. These cuts and ongoing centralisation of policy coming from Government have affected both the processing of planning applications and enforcement activities; and

·         Previous changes to the planning system, such as the introduction of the Unitary Development Plan and the Local Plan, have proved enormously expensive and time-consuming. Further changes are likely to be the same, with any benefits being outweighed by the costs involved.”



Motion 3 - Carers' Rights

Motion submitted by Councillor Diplock:


Ahead of Carers Rights Day on 26 November, this Council:


1.    Recognises the work of both paid and unpaid carers, and thanks them for bearing an often-silent burden. Estimates from Carers UK suggest there are around 13m unpaid carers in the UK, who save the economy approximately £132 billion a year. We all know someone who is a carer.


2.    Pledges to lead by example and ensure reasonable adjustments are made to allow carers employed by this authority to balance their caring responsibilities within work, and will continue to support carers, sign posting them to receive help, support and advice whenever possible.


3.    Supports the efforts to extend to carers the employment rights within the Equality Act 2010. We call upon our MP to support the efforts made by Parliamentarians to extend protected characteristic rights to Carers.”



Motion 4 - Council Meetings

Motion submitted by Councillor Freebody:


“This Council re-commits to the democratic process and re-introduces all council meetings with immediate effect using a digital platform to protect the public, members and officers from possible Covid 19 infection.”


Motion 5 - Financial processes

Motion submitted by Councillor Smart:

"In the light of the considerable delays to the issue of financial information, this Council resolves to improve its financial processes and accountability."


Discussion on minutes of council bodies.

Members of the Council who wish to raise items for discussion (council procedure rule 14) on any of the minutes of the meetings of formal council bodies listed below must submit their request to the Head of Democratic Services no later than 10.00 am on the day of the meeting. A list of such items (if any) will be email out to Members prior to the start of the meeting.


The following are appended to this agenda:-


Minutes of Licensing Committee - 6 January 2020 pdf icon PDF 159 KB


Minutes of Scrutiny Committee - 3 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 178 KB


Minutes of Cabinet - 5 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 237 KB


Minutes of Conservation Area Advisory Group - 18 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 138 KB


Minutes of Planning Committee - 25 February 2020 pdf icon PDF 155 KB


Minutes of Audit and Governance Committee - 4 March 2020 pdf icon PDF 162 KB


Minutes of Cabinet - 16 March 2020 pdf icon PDF 320 KB


Minutes of Cabinet - 3 June 2020 pdf icon PDF 145 KB


Minutes of Cabinet - 15 July 2020 pdf icon PDF 147 KB


Minutes of Planning Committee - 21 July 2020 pdf icon PDF 140 KB


Minutes of Planning Committee - 25 August 2020 pdf icon PDF 144 KB


Minutes of Audit and Governance Committee - 9 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 173 KB


Minutes of Scrutiny Committee - 14 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 155 KB


Minutes of Cabinet - 16 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 152 KB