Agenda item

Application for a new Premises Licence at Martello Fields, College Road, Seaford, BN25 1JD


The Chair of the Licensing Sub Committee welcomed all parties to the

hearing. Those attending introduced themselves and the procedure for the hearing was explained.


The Licensing Officer presented the Report to the Sub Committee, summarised the details and answered questions from Members.


Amanda Hoy addressed the Sub Committee on behalf of the applicant and responded to questions.


Mr Frank Parker, Ms Helen Webb, Ms Sheila White and Mr Peter King, (objectors and local residents) set out their concerns about the application.


Amanda Hoy as the representative of the applicant had the opportunity to sum up and respond to the points raised.


The Sub Committee adjourned at 12:00 to consider the application and returned at 12:40 to advise of the following decision:


Resolved to grant the licence on the basis of:


1)    Revised hours for the sale of alcohol between 11:00 - 20:30


2)    The inclusion of modifications detailed in 2.3 of the report to specify that the Licence is valid for one day per annum. The date of the event to be notified to Sussex Police and the Licensing Authority with at least four months’ notice; and;


3)    The inclusion of the condition in 1.6 of the supplementary report to specify that The Premises Licence will only be valid if it is run in accordance with all aspects of the latest version of the Event Management Plan. Any changes to this plan must be notified in writing immediately to Sussex Police and the Licensing Authority for Lewes District Council


Attendees were advised that the decision in full would be made available within five working days.


(A copy of the full decision is appended to these minutes).

Supporting documents: