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New Premises Licence - The Café, Princes Park.

Report of Specialist Advisor.


All parties present introduced themselves and the Chairman detailed the procedure to be followed at the meeting.

The Specialist Advisor for Licensing outlined the report detailing the application for a new premises licence from Jazz Company UK Ltd for The Café, Princes Park.  Details of the current licence, suspended in 2013 for the non-payment of annual fees and the application sought were detailed in the report.  There were no adverse reports in relation to the previous premises licence on the licensing authority’s database. 

When submitting an application for a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003, the applicant is required to describe any steps they intend to take to promote the four Licensing Objectives, as defined by the Licensing Act 2003. These were appended to the report at Appendix 2.

Following a consultation period of 28 days, one representation was received from a member of the public, Mr Mike Ward and this was appended to the report at Appendix 3.

Mr Ward addressed the Sub-Committee and reiterated his representation, appended to the report. He added that he had no objections to the company applying for the licence.  He outlined issues suffered in the area such as vandalism and that the premises had become a congregation point for drug addicts and street drinkers.  Mr Ward stated that parking remained the big issue with local residents having to park streets away because visitors to the park refuse to use the nearby car parks.  Mr Ward continued that if the application was granted, the premises would be open later and increase the parking issues already suffered by local residents.  If the issue of parking were to be resolved he would not object to the application.

Ms Helen Fields, Operations Director for The Boathouse, addressed the Sub-Committee and responded to the concerns raised by Mr Ward.  She stated that the premises had historically held a licence and that by continuing this would not be detrimental to what was currently experienced in the area.  She advised the Sub-Committee that the premises was contracted to be open between 09:00 – 17:00 hours and require everyone to be off the premises by 23:30 hours according to the lease.

Ms Fields continued that she did not believe that selling alcohol would increase any disturbances in the area.  She stated that it would reduce disturbances because with the premises being open in the evening that would deter individuals not using the restaurant from congregating in the area.  A CCTV system would also be installed internally and externally at the premises to assist with the prevention of crime and disorder.

In terms of the parking issue, Ms Fields added that the premises would encourage customers to use the nearby pay and display car park, which was free from 18:00 hours.

Following a question from the Sub-Committee it was clarified that the application was for a licence for the sale of alcohol on the premises from Monday to Thursday inclusive from 11:00 to 20:00 hours and for Friday to Sunday inclusive from 11:00 to 22:00 hours.  The only exception to this would be New Year’s Eve where the licence sought would be 11:00 to 01:00 hours.

Ms Hughes concluded proceedings by adding that the application had received support from the Chairman and Secretary of the Friends of Princes Park and other organisations including the Bowling Club and Boating Club.

Following all the evidence presented the Sub-Committee retired to considered and determine the application.

Having taken into account all the relevant considerations the Sub-Committee reconvened and announced the decision as follows.

RESOLVED: That the application be granted in full as requested and clarified.

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