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Governance Review Report

Report of the Assistant Director – Corporate Governance and Assistant Director – Legal and Democratic Services (Monitoring Officer).


The Council received the report of the Monitoring Officer and Assistant Director – Corporate Governance, setting out proposals arising from a cross-party governance working party for a change to the governance structure and changes to debating rules in respect of motions.


The recommendations set out in the report were moved by Councillor Banks and seconded by Councillor O’Keeffe.   Councillors from across the Council spoke to the report, and thanks were extended to officers and members who had contributed to the review.   It was recognised that the changes would be subject to a further review after 12 months of implementation.


The recommendations were put to the vote and declared carried.



1)    That Council approves the deletion of the Scrutiny Committee and the creation of a new Policy and Performance Advisory Committee as summarised in paragraphs 4.2 to 4.4 of the Council Report and in accordance with the articles, procedure rules and membership set out in Appendices 4, 5 and 6 to the Council Report;

2)    That Council approves the definitions for scrutiny call-in of Cabinet decisions as set out in paragraph 16.4 of the proposed Policy and Performance Advisory Committee procedure rules in Appendix 5 to the Council Report;

3)    That Council approves the adoption of revised debating rules in respect of motions as summarised in paragraph 5.6 and set out in Appendix 7 to the Council Report;

4)    That the Monitoring Officer be authorised to make the necessary substantive changes along with any other technical changes to the Constitution in order to give effect to the above decisions; and

5)    That the democratic governance changes agreed above all come into force from the start of the 2020/21 municipal year (May 2020) and be reviewed after a full municipal year in operation.

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