Committee details

Lewes District Council Policy and Performance Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

The Policy and Performance Advisory Committee performs all Overview and Scrutiny functions on behalf of the Council.  The Committee took over many of these functions from the former Scrutiny Committee with effect from May 2020.


Meetings of the Policy and Performance Advisory Committee are open to the public, unless exempt or confidential information is being considered.


The Committee membership is eleven councillors who are not Cabinet members and chaired by a member of the main opposition group.  The Committee meets in advance of each Cabinet meeting so that it can provide input into key decision matters going for consideration to Cabinet.  It also carries out performance review and retains statutory ‘call-in’ powers to scrutinise decisions made by Cabinet. 


The Committee is not confined to looking only at Council services; it can investigate the actions of other companies and organisations whose actions affect Lewes residents.


The Committee may from time to time appoint Review Panels as appropriate to undertake any of its activities; these Panels should normally consist of three or five councillors. The Panels will not have decision making powers.




Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services on 01273 471600.