Issue - decisions

Asset Regeneration Newhaven

17/09/2021 - Asset Regeneration Newhaven

(1) That funds be allocated from the Council’s capital programme for the acquisition of the Headlease and Sublease of the former UTC.


(2) That, subject to legal title due diligence and a valuation personal to LDC, the Director of Regeneration and Planning, in consultation with the Leader, be given delegated authority to:


- conclude acquisition of the former UTC, comprising both the Headlease and the Sublease as described in this report;


- conclude all legal agreements



In accordance with section 17 of the Council’s Policy and Performance Advisory Committee Procedure Rules, the call-in procedure shall not apply to this decision given its urgency. A decision is urgent if, in the view of the decision maker, any delay likely to be caused by the call-in process would, for example, seriously prejudice the Council’s or the public’s interests.


In accordance with this section, it is the opinion of the decision maker that this decision is an urgent one and therefore exempt from call-in.