Issue - decisions

Levelling Up Fund

01/12/2021 - Levelling Up Fund

(Key decision):


(1) To note the successful bid to the Levelling Up Fund, which has secured £19,847,287 towards the regeneration of Eastbourne.


(2) To approve an allocation of up to £19.9m in the General Fund Capital Programme, to be financed in full by the grant funding secured as per the recommendation above.


(3) To authorise the Director of Regeneration and Planning to enter into the Funding Agreement that will set out the commercial terms associated with the grant award, including use, access, and ongoing monitoring.


(4) To authorise the Director of Regeneration and Planning, in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer, Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Finance, in conjunction with any Project Oversight Board, to carry out all necessary actions to facilitate the recommendations and deliver the programme of works, including feasibility, financing, appointment of professional services, development, contract award(s), lettings, and determining the terms of, and authorising the execution of, all necessary documentation, in accordance with the funding parameters.


(5) To agree that clear streamlined and transparent governance arrangements for Levelling up Funds would be circulated at the earliest opportunity to all Council members and key stakeholders, whilst retaining any commercial sensitivities.