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Objection To alcohol music and midnight Licence At Salts Cafe Seaford

We the undersigned petition the council to Reject the application on the four principles of the policy. A late-night alcohol and music venue is totally inappropriate for this location. It is a quiet and peaceful place used by families, children and dog walkers by day, and dog walkers, skateboarders, tennis players and star gazers by night. It is a sports field for cricket, rugby and football with lots of children and adult training camps as well as dog training schools. It is also the base for Seaford Rugby and Cricket clubs in addition to the lifeguard station. We have seen your policy and understand you want to protect the public and local residents from crime, anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance caused by irresponsible licensed premises. But awarding a late-night alcohol and music license at this location would be irresponsible behaviour by the council. The lack of policing in Seaford and the café's isolated position within a park make it an unsuitable place for such a venue. There are already sufficient restaurant

Enter more details and reasoning in support of your ePetition. We object on the grounds of:

1. Prevention of crime and disorder. The lack of an adequate police presence in the town means that anti-social behaviour cannot be adequately prevented. Remember the Trek nightclub, which had its license permanently revoked in October 2016 for this reason. That was refused due to police being unable to manage the disorderly conduct of drunk people resulting in the serious life changing harm to someone, the damage to local property and even the MP got involved to stop the licence.

The venue’s isolation in the middle of the vast salts park will make it even more inaccessible to any form of law enforcement or emergency services. The area around the venue and paths leading up to it are largely unlit at night and will give the venue a sense of being in the beyond the reach of authority and in the wild west.

2. Prevention of public nuisance. Any form of music and loud noise is carried across the salts to what is currently peaceful quite area. Having a late-night live music venue will only make this worse. People continually coming and going from the site, singing and shouting interfere with residents peaceful existence beginning either on park road, by Eversley court and Richmond Road and continuing on.

3. Public safety. There is a risk that people leaving the venue will dump glasses and bottles on the salt playing fields. This will bring potential harm to families, children and animals using the fields and playground. The venue is also next to a children’s playground, and potentially having a rowdy drunken crowd overlooking them will make the park feel like a no-go zone for many families.

4. Protection of children from harm. There are already bars at the cricket and rugby clubs with limited opening for game match days which must be sufficient for the salts. Allowing all day alcohol sales both inside and takeouts mean children will be exposed to drunken behaviour at all hours. See my point 3 re playground.

Started by: stephanie dubas

This ePetition ran from 31/01/2023 to 20/02/2023 and has now finished.

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