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Objection to Planning Application LW23/0276 - Peacehaven

We the undersigned petition the council to refuse the planning application on the old Brighton Motel Site (1 South Coast Road, Peacehaven, BN10 8QJ) for 22 flats and 10 houses (ref: LW/23/0276).

At its proposed height of 4-stories the site will be over developed and negatively impact the adjacent neighbourhoods. With a number of properties becoming overlooked and losing their privacy from both a visual and audible perspective.
The local area consists predominately of bungalows. No bungalows are proposed on the site. Previous buildings were 1-2 stories high, with a substantial proportion of the site being of level ground.
The density of a similar sized area in adjacent roads i.e., Wellington Road and Cliff Avenue would amount to seven to ten dwellings. The site proposed is over developed at three to four times this, due to the number of houses and four-story block of flats being proposed.
There has never been any development on the land abutting the Highway, as not to visually impact the surrounding neighbourhood and Article 4 area. If awarded this would effectively allow a 4-story block of flats to be built on the Highway.
The flexible part of the building classification (C2/C3) opens up the development to other potential uses in future. Although the developer is proposing a small number of flats for disabled use – not one bungalow has been proposed. Bungalows being far more accessible for disabled persons. Hence questions should be raised as to the proposed motive of the development if planning was to be awarded. As such flexible (C2/C3) use will result in an increase in noise and disturbance from the development due to both its nature and density.
As Peacehaven is becoming increasingly populated there are no new amenities such as police stations (demolished for housing), fire stations, ambulance stations, doctors’ surgeries etc.
Access to the A259 from local closes, avenues and the Highway is a problem and getting worse due to traffic. This could negatively impact highway safety.
The amount of traffic (and air pollution) on the A259 coast road is also already too high, especially at peak times, and this development will add to the problem significantly.

Started by: Susi Miller

This ePetition ran from 05/07/2023 to 04/09/2023 and has now finished.

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