Committee details

Joint Staff Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

The purpose of the Joint Staff Advisory Committee is:

·       To act as an internal advisory committee which serves as a conduit between members and staff on employment related matters, and to make recommendations on such matters.

·       To consider and comment upon any policies relating to the application of new relevant legislation and equality issues.

·       To consider matters of health, safety and welfare of employees which are referred to the Committee for comment (which are not included in the terms of reference of the Joint Safety Committee).

·       In all of the above areas, to make recommendations to each Full Council, Cabinet and Chief Officers as required.

The combined membership of the Joint Staff Advisory Committee includes:


3 Members from Eastbourne Borough Council – including at least 1 Cabinet Member and 1 Opposition Member.

3 Members from Lewes District Council – including at least 1 Cabinet Member and 1 Opposition Member.

Staff Representatives

2 representatives from the recognised union. 

2 staff group representatives.


Named substitutes can be appointed for Councillors and for staff representatives.



Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services on 01273 471600..