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Eastbourne Borough Council - Community Safety Partnership Main Board


The Community Safety Partnership is a multi-agency group comprised of representatives from the police, council, fire service, probation and voluntary sector. Together with members of the community they all work together to make Eastbourne an even safer place.


The Eastbourne Community Safety Partnership, which includes the police, the council and registered housing providers, works together to tackle anti-social behaviour and hate incidents.


Eastbourne’s Prevent programme sets out to achieve this through a multi-agency approach.  Working effectively alongside communities to provide interventions and safeguarding measures.  Our programme includes safeguarding, staff training and community partnership work.


Prevent is a key part of the Governments counter-terrorism strategy.  It aims to divert vulnerable people away from supporting or being drawn into terrorist activity.



Contact information

Oliver Jones (Strategy and Partnership Lead (Housing and Community)
(Bill & Warwick organise the meetings)

Our representatives