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Eastbourne Borough Council - Neighbourhood Panels


The objectives of a Neighbourhood Panels are determined by the unique needs of the community it serves, and a Neighbourhood Panel aims to give local people and communities more influence over decision makers, so as to improve the quality-of-life issues that most affect them. They are about creating strong partnerships between local people and the agencies and service providers responsible for their area; local people working as equal partners, making their own choices, monitoring progress, and ensuring accountability.

Eastbourne has twenty-one Neighbourhood Panels, in three main areas of the Borough:

·         Eastbourne East

·         Eastbourne North

·         Eastbourne Town

Each panel sets it own priorities and meeting schedules, and recruits members according to local situations

Panel Chairs meet quarterly, within their districts, and the whole group meets annually.



Ward Councillors are invited to attend.

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Ward Councillors are invited to attend

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