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Eastbourne Borough Council - Disability Involvement Group


The Disability Involvement Group (DIG) was formed in February 2007. 


The purpose of the Disability Group is:-


* To represent the views of disabled people in Eastbourne
* To obtain equality for all disabled people
* To share information in the spirit of education and learning
* To advise on improved access to services in Eastbourne
* To help shape future service delivery in Eastbourne – not to make the

   mistakes of the past in relation to disabled people

* To improve the evidence base of the experience and outcomes of disabled people and the ability to deliver a fair, inclusive sustainable environment in Eastbourne for all disabled people



The appointment is usually the Disability Champion or their nominee.

Contact information

Devan Briggs, Policy and Engagement Co-Ordinator
Email:&nbsp;<a href="mailto:equality@eastbourne.gov.uk">equality@eastbourne.gov.uk</a>

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