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Lewes District Council - Local Government Association General Assembly


The Local Government Association’s General Assembly, the 'parliament of Local Government', meets once a year, and is the only Local Government Association decision making forum which all authorities in full membership are eligible to attend and to vote.  It considers strategic policy issues of national significance to local government in the England and Wales, as well as formal business such as appointment of Offices Holders of the Association and the annual accounts. Its responsibilities include:


- Debating motions submitted by local authorities in membership of the Association;

- Determining the terms of reference, delegated powers, size and political composition of the Association’s governance structures;

- Electing the President and Office Holders of the Local Government Association;

- Noting Vice-President appointments;

- Receiving the audited accounts of the Association;

- Receiving an Annual Report from the Audit Committee;

- Approving changes to the Association’s Constitution, Political Conventions and Standing Orders.


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Fatima A S de Abreu, Member Services Assistant

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